A two hour advisory session  - from £50

  • This is designed for those who simply want help visualising their own ideas without too much expense. I can sketch suggestions for you, offer advice on problem areas and recommendations for planting. It can lead to the concept or full design service if you wish.

Concept design service

  • Viewing of your garden, presentation of portfolio and consultation about your tastes and needs

  • Basic garden survey

  • Presentation of 2-3 scale design ideas

  • Artist's impressions of the concepts.

Watercolour Artist’s Impression

Watercolour Artist’s Impression

A full design service

In the spirit of the garden, this process will be organic which will allow for alterations to be made as we proceed. The client can choose the extent to which they wish to get involved in choosing plants and objects for the garden, and in liasing with landscapers. 

  • First viewing of your garden, presentation of portfolio, dicussion of the process and consultation about your tastes and needs

  • Full garden survey and site analysis

  • Creation of scale and 3d design suggestions

  • Artist's impressions

  • Meetings to discuss designs and work together on alterations

  • Invite estimates from landscapers

  • Alterations to design and creation of costed and detailed plans

  • Full planting scheme

  • Presention of final plans and, if required, organisation of taking design forward

Overseeing of build

  • For an additional fee I can oversee the building of the garden to ensure that the design is implemented correctly and efficiently

Planting schemes

  • Re-vamping existing borders

  • Schemes for new landscaping project

  • Working with your landscaper or builder to create new flower beds

  • Putting in plants and maintenance of planting

Plant supports - please see shop

  • Willow obelisks

  • Willow grow throughs